Conan and the Songs of the Dead #2 <COMIC20F>
Conan and the Songs of the Dead #2 <COMIC20F>

Conan and the Songs of the Dead #2

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Conan and the Songs of the Dead #2 ( Dark Horse Comics ) 2006

"A twisted wizard brews a strange adversary for Conan from blood and the dust of the Stygian wastes. In this forsaken desert, the Cimmerian travels in search of an ancient and glorious prize. Yet its secret must be won from the grip of a conniving spirit and loyal zombie guard. Heat, grit, and evil are relentless in this wretched land, but no more so than Conan, a force of will born from sinew and steel, determined to claim his treasure and see it spent most mirthfully.

Acclaimed horror and western writer Joe R. Lansdale and his long-time artistic collaborator Timothy Truman enlist award-winning colorist Dave Stewart to continue their unflinching take on sword-and-sorcery's greatest hero!" - Dark Horse Comics


Writer:  Joe R. Lansdale
Artist:  Timothy Truman
Colorist:  Dave Stewart

Genre: Fantasy, Action / Adventure
Publication Date:  August 9, 2006


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