Gunsmith Cats: Bad Trip #6 <COMIC20F>

Gunsmith Cats: Bad Trip #6

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Gunsmith Cats: Bad Trip #6 of 6 ( Dark Horse Comics ) 1998


"Rally Vincent wishes it was all a bad dream. When she regains consciousness in a hospital bed, she discovers that not only has Goldie escaped, but Rally is under arrest for trying to kill Roy, and Misty is still Goldie's captive. To top it off, Goldie is going to pull the dirtiest trick of all: offering a court witness to clear Rally's name and put her in debt to the Mafia hit woman for getting her off!" - Dark Horse Comics


Creators:  Kenichi Sonoda
Letterer:  Susie Lee
Translator:  Dana Lewis & Toren Smith
Editor:  Rachel Penn
Designer:  Corey Stephens
Cover Artist:   Kenichi Sonoda

Genre:  Manga, Crime, Action / Adventure
Publication Date:  November 18, 1998

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