Gunsmith Cats: Goldie vs. Misty #7 <COMIC20F>

Gunsmith Cats: Goldie vs. Misty #7

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Gunsmith Cats: Goldie vs. Misty #7 of 7 (Dark Horse Comics) 1998


"Goldie has used her deadly street drug Kerasine to brainwash a junkie into thinking Rally is a deadly alien invader that must be stopped at any cost. And now he's injected Rally with a hypodermic he claims is a fatal poison. Only Goldie has the antidote, and though Misty tries to stop her, Rally is running scared. Can she get to Goldie in time? And can she face the Mafia hit woman, or even drive safely, when her drug-dazed mind is full of frightening hallucinations?" - Dark Horse Comics


Creators:  Kenichi Sonoda
Letterer:  Susie Lee
Translator:  Dana Lewis & Toren Smith
Editor:  Rachel Penn
Designer: Corey Stephens
Cover Artist:  Kenichi Sonoda

Genre:  Manga, Crime, Action / Adventure,  Mature Content
Publication Date:  May 6, 1998

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