Legend of Mother Sarah #4 <COMIC20F>
Legend of Mother Sarah #4 <COMIC20F>
Legend of Mother Sarah #4 <COMIC20F>

Legend of Mother Sarah #4

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Legend of Mother Sarah #4 of 8 ( Dark Horse Comics ) 1995

" Lucia's underground hideaway in the depths of the mines reveals a secret that will forever change her family. Diving into the lagoon to find the source of its crystal-clear water, Sarah returns with an ingot of gold. Lucia rushes to tell Toki, but instead of planning a new future for the two of them, the disgraced soldier can only think of buying his way back into the army that rejected him.

Meanwhile, Sarah catches Tsutsu unloading another secret treasure stashed under the floorboards of his truck... crates of hand grenades and assault rifles. When she demands that he explain, Tsutsu reminds her of the pact they made at the start of their journey -- you stay out of my life, and I'll stay out of yours." -Dark Horse Comics


Writer:  Katsuhiro Otomo
Artist:   Takumi Nagayasu
Letterer:  Tomoko Saito
Translator:  Dana Lewis & Toren Smith
Editor:  Greg Vest
Designer:  April Johnson
Cover Artist:  Takumi Nagayasu

Genre: Manga, Science-Fiction
Publication Date: July 1, 1995

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