Leiji Matsumoto's: Captain Harlock #5 <COMIC20F>
Leiji Matsumoto's: Captain Harlock #5 <COMIC20F>
Leiji Matsumoto's: Captain Harlock #5 <COMIC20F>

Leiji Matsumoto's: Captain Harlock #5

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Leiji Matsumoto's: Captain Harlock #5 
Eternity 1990 


"In the 30th century, the Earth and its colonies lost a bitter war with the forces of the Illumidas, a race of aliens who exist only to conquer. Now the once-proud inhabitants of earth live as slaves-- at least the lucky ones.
   Only the pirate Harlock declared he would not be a party to the occupation. with the aid of Tochiro (perhaps the greatest mechanical engineer of his time), and a crew of idealistic outcasts, Harlock left Earth in the magnificent space galleon Arcadia, to live a renegade's life in the "sea of stars." But in his heart, he could never truly abandon the land of his birth, nor the people who, without his leadership,would be subjugated forever."  -Eternity 


Writer:  Robert W. Gibson
Artist: Ben Dunn
Background Pencils:  Pat Duke
Letterer:  Clem Robins
Additional Inks:  Alan Neponucemo
Cover Coloring:  Scott Beiser
Editor:  Chris Ulm
Editor-in-Cheif:  Chris Ulm
Publisher: Dave Olbrich
Editorial Assistants:  Dan Danko & Mickie Villa
Creative Director:  Tom Mason

Genre: Science Fiction, Action Adventure, Manga, Space Pirate
Publication Date: Feb. 1990


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