The Terminator #1 <Comic20FV>
The Terminator #1 <Comic20FV>

The Terminator #1

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The Terminator #1 of 4 ( Dark Horse Comics ) 1990


" This first issue finds us 39 years in the future as humans continue to struggle under the extermination directive of the Machine. The story follows a small band of soldiers with a plan to return to the past- with three new Terminators in hot pursuit!" -Dark Horse Comics


Writer:  John Arcudi
Penciller:   Chris Warner
Inker:  Paul Guinan
Letterer:  Karen Casey-Smith
Colorist:  Chris Chalenor
Editor:  Diana Schutz
Cover Artist:  Chris Warner


Genre: Science-Fiction, Action / Adventure
Publication Date: August 1, 1990

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